West Hills Community College District Chancellor Dr. Kristin Clark, Honored by Assemblywoman Esmeralda Soria

Dr. Kristin Clark HonoredOn March 25, Assemblywoman Esmeralda Soria honored exceptional women leaders for their outstanding service to their community as part of the "Women Leading the Way Women's History Month" celebration. Among the honorees was West Hills Community College District Chancellor Dr. Kristin Clark, who was recognized for her commitment to higher education and student success.

Dr. Clark and fourteen other women leaders were acknowledged for leading the way in California's 27th congressional district for their efforts to significantly impact healthcare, education, business, and community service.

Women's History Month is an annual celebration of the contributions and achievements of women throughout history. It is a time to recognize and honor the many women who have made significant contributions to our society, from political leaders to social justice advocates and educators to entrepreneurs.

As a champion for higher education and student success, Chancellor Clark embodies the spirit of Women's History Month. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a deep commitment to empowering students and ensuring they can access the resources and support they need to succeed.

"I am grateful and humbled to be recognized by Assemblywoman Soria," said Clark. "It is a privilege to work alongside a team at West Hills Community College District who are dedicated to empowering our students and helping them achieve their goals."