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Coalinga College's High School Dual Enrollment program is designed to provide current high school students the opportunity to get an early start on their college experience through college level instruction.

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  • Firebaugh HS, Mendota HS, Tranquility HS
    Counselor: Garrett Soriano
  • Avenal HS & Coalinga HS, Faith Christian Academy
    Counselor: Angelica Lopez Cibrian
  • Reyna Gonzalez (Advisor)
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Please note that signatures are required from the Student, Parent, and High School Administration.

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Key Information
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  • The term dual enrollment refers to students being enrolled—concurrently—in two different educational institutions. This means that a student enrolled in high school may be dual enrolled at a local institution of higher learning, in this case West Hills College Lemoore or West Hills College Coalinga. If students pass their college classes, they receive credit that may be applied toward their high school diploma and toward a West Hills College degree or certificate.

  • There are many advantages to participating in dual enrollment.

    • In some cases, the student may be able to attain an Associate’s degree at the same time or shortly after their high school graduation.
    • Dual enrollment is a cost‐efficient way for students to accumulate college credits because courses are free and taken through the local high school.
    • Participation in dual enrollment may ease the transition from high school to college by giving students a sense of what college academics are like.
  • Dual enrollment courses are different in that they are taught to the rigor of a college course. Students will be using the same textbooks and syllabi as they would if they were taking a class at West Hills College Lemoore/Coalinga. As such, please be aware that discussion topics and course materials are generally designed for adult students and may not be appropriate for younger students. Assignments will be graded using college rubrics and standards. The final grade the student receives in their dual enrollment class will be recorded on an official college transcript.

  • In some instances, if your student chose a section that meets face to face, you still will need to travel to the college campus. There are online options in which your student will not need to travel to the college campus. Please make sure your student has a conversation with their high school counselor to review our course schedule and the implications related to online education. Additionally, we have a small selection of courses taught at your student’s local high school.

  • Dual enrollment is a great option for many high school students. However there are some things to be aware of when taking a dual enrollment course.

    • If a student fails one of these classes it will negatively affect them on their high school transcripts and college transcripts.
    • Too many failed dual enrollment classes will jeopardize future college enrollment and possibly financial aid.
    • If a student needs additional support and is failing English, Math and has a low GPA, then college class may not be the best choice.
    • Financial aid has a 90 unit limit and thus dual enrollment courses must be carefully selected with the advice of a college counselor

    Remember: Participating in a dual enrollment class is an important decision and should involve a conversation between you, your student, and your high school counselor.

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