Successful Multi-Casualty Training Event at Lemoore College

Lemoore College completed a Multi-Casualty Incident (MCI) Drill on April 26, 2024, at the Kings County FD Station 4 in Hanford, CA. The event showcased a collaborative effort among various agencies to simulate and educate Lemoore College Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic students on managing complex emergency scenarios.

The event witnessed active participation from emergency medical service agencies such as Kings County FD, American Ambulance of Visalia, Adventist Medical Center - Hanford, Lifestar Ambulance, Community Regional Medical Center, Pistoresi Ambulance, TCCAD, CCEMSA, American Ambulance of Kings County, and Selma Fire Department.

The MCI Drill was not just a theoretical exercise but a practical learning opportunity for paramedic and EMS students. It underscored the pivotal role of emergency services in incident management and equipped participants with essential knowledge of Incident Command System (ICS) operations, triage methods, hazmat incident response, and patient care protocols during mass casualty incidents.

Delaney Menezes, an EMT student at Lemoore College, shared her experience: "This was a fantastic opportunity to witness firsthand how first responders handle emergencies. I'm grateful for the experience and the insights I gained." 
The scenario featured a simulated accidental insecticide exposure incident among farm workers. The event's itinerary included setup, briefings, HAZMAT drills, cleanup, lunch, and debriefing sessions, ensuring comprehensive learning and skill development among participants.

Victoria Licari, a nursing student graduating this May, appreciated the event's impact on her future career. She said, "Participating in this event provided a deeper understanding of how nurses collaborate with emergency response teams, which will be invaluable in my future career."

The Multi-Casualty Training Event at Lemoore College significantly enhances emergency response capabilities and fosters interdisciplinary collaboration among healthcare and emergency services professionals.

"The MCI Drill is a crucial milestone for our students, who work with professionals to refine their real-life skills with hands-on emergency scenarios," said Lester Costa, Paramedic Program Director at Lemoore College. This event prepares them to face challenges with confidence and competence."

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