Disabled Student Program and Services (DSPS) is the mechanism which the college uses to provide access and accommodations for eligible students as required by law.  In 1976, DSPS was enacted through the passage of AB-77 (Lanterman), which provided funding for support services and instruction for students with disabilities.  Now, DSPS is an entity that is funded from various sources including state categorical funds, VATEA, the college district, and the state Department of Rehabilitation.

The DSPS department offers students access to a variety of specialized support services and assistive equipment.  These services are intended to assist college students with disabilities to more successfully participate in regular college programs and activities.  It is the goal of DSPS to provide these services in a timely manner.

DSPS provides a wide range of support services and instruction which are above and beyond those regularly offered by the college including: Two smiling Lemoore College students

The above support system enables students to participate in the regular activities and classes offered by the college.

Disability Related Accommodations

The role of DSPS staff is to determine the eligibility of the student for an accommodation based on the educational limitation of the disability.

Instructional faculty members will become directly involved in the process of providing accommodations for students.  To make the accommodation a successful one requires collaboration among the instructional faculty member, the student, and the DSPS faculty member.  DSPS encourages instructional faculty to provide input regarding the academic conditions, which affect the implementation of the accommodation.