Demonstration Research Projects

  • The West Hills College Coalinga Farm of the Future welcomes companies, business, growers, or individuals to partner with us on Demonstration Research Projects.
  • Demonstration Research Projects engage our students in practical research which reinforces concepts learned in the classroom, develops critical thinking, and builds important life skills. Projects also provide the partner with an unbiased 3rd party to demonstrate a product, practice, or emerging technology.
  • Farm of the Future staff work with partners to design unique projects that benefit the college and your business.


    • Have product researched by an unbiased 3rd party reviewer
    • Inclusion in Annual Open Farm Event to discuss project results
    • Exposure of product to students, community members, and growers
    • Access to students for potential internships or job positions
    • Assist and support the educational process
    • Students in current classes exposed to latest technology for enhanced learning
    • Students serve as managers overseeing the project gain management skills
    • Fulfills “Earn to Learn” philosophy of WHCC Farm of the Future
    • Farm of the Future lives up to its name by demonstrating the newest technology
  • Typically WHCC FOF provides:

    • Students to assist with the labor and management of the project
    • Land use
    • Irrigation setup and water
    • Bed preparation
    • Research design
    • Data collection

    Though it may vary, the partner typically provides:

    • Land use fee based on objectives and size of the project
    • Irrigation fee based on type of irrigation required
    • Scholarship or student support
    • Product being tested
    • Crop input production costs depending on marketing of final harvested product

Ag Demonstration Research Projects