Why Coalinga College

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If you are looking for a safe and friendly academic environment look no further  than Coalinga College! Our district is nationally recognized and we strive to provide a world-class learning environment to a diverse population in a down home friendly atmosphere. The favorite saying of faculty and staff is ¡Mi escuela es su escuela!

Reasons to Attend Coalinga College

Small Class Sizes
Coalinga College offers small class sizes which means our students have more one-on-one time with instructors.  Meet with an advisor today to begin your academic journey with Coalinga Collegetoday!
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Latest Science and Technology Facilities

Students enrolled at Coalinga College enjoy use of smart classrooms, web enhanced lecture material, and the latest technology.  Taking a course at West Hills means you will be exposed to relevant real world technology in efficient manageable ways.

Wide Array of Degrees and Certificates
Associate degrees and/or certificate programs are offered in many areas from agriculture to trade, technology, and industry.
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Various Financial Aid Offerings

Coalinga College has a variety of financial aid options including loans, scholarships, and grants.

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Residence Halls

Coalinga College is one of only 12 community colleges in California to offer residence halls. Many of our students enjoy the convenience living on campus has to offer.

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On-campus Dining
Coalinga College has a cafe on-campus.  It serves Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner to students, Coalinga Collegestaff and faculty, and is also open to the public.
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Competitive Athletics Programs
West Hills College has an array of sports teams including a coed rodeo team, men's football, basketball and baseball, and women's volleyball and softball. 
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West Hills is accredited and offers transfer assistance to University of California, California State Universities and other four-year colleges. It truly lives up to its motto of, “Once You Go Here, You Can Go Anywhere.”
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