Thinking of becoming an accountant?

This finance-based career is perfect for those who love to stay organized and are good at math. West Hills College offers several degree and certificate programs in business that will help you become better prepared for a career as an Accountant.

What does an Accountant do?

As an Accountant, you will be responsible for making sure that all public records for a company are accurate and that taxes are paid on time and properly. You will also be responsible for creating and managing financial records. Accountants also act as advisors for their clients. You will be in positions where you give financial consultation to entire organizations or just individuals. You can also be found giving advice to your clients on health care benefits or on compensation.

Accountants will be expected to use various computer programs for their jobs, and Coalinga College will help you become familiar with those programs. By taking on one of Coalinga College’s many business degree programs, you will gain the skills necessary to become a successful Accountant!

What would I earn as an Accountant?

On average, in California in 2021, and annual salary for an Accountant was $82,940. Depending on the area that you live in the state, you can make up to $106,265! 

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