What do Agricultural Engineers do?

Want to help improve the agriculture industry? A career as an Agriculture Engineer could be the perfect career for you! At Coalinga College, our degrees will give you the knowledge necessary to continue your education and start your career as an agricultural engineer.

What do Agricultural Engineers do?

Your skills as an agricultural engineer will help you to develop technology and systems using computer aided design technology, or CAD, that will encourage more farm production and help with environmental problems that may occur such as getting rid of pollution within the water source or controlling the flow of a nearby river. Agricultural engineers also plan and supervise construction on the property that will help with irrigation and flood control for water and soil conservation. Agricultural engineers create buildings that will store crops and shelter animals.

Coalinga College’s degree program will give you the knowledge necessary to create these important structures for any farm that you’ll be working on. At Coalinga College, the degree program that you undertake will help you to continue your education at a four-year university and begin your career as an agricultural engineer!

West Hills Programs Offered Leading to this Career:

Agriculture Science Technology - Coalinga College

What would I make as an Agricultural Engineer?

In 2021, the average wage for an agricultural engineer in California was $90,400.

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