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What Can You Do With an Agriculture Degree or Certificate?

Those looking for a reliable and varied career should look closely at earning a certificate or degree in agriculture. Coalinga College offers an associate’s degree in Agriculture Science Technology and certificates in Precision Agriculture and Integrated Pest Management Certificate.

What Can You Do With an Agriculture Degree or Certificate?

Studying agriculture at Coalinga College will prepare students for a wide variety of careers including as a GPS/GIS Technician, Crop Consultant, Dealer/Manufacturer Representative, Private Application, Farm Manager, Chemical Dealer and Pest Control Adviser.

Those choosing to become a Pest Control Adviser can expect to join a career field focused on serving California agriculture producers, with a special focus on pest management and plant health. Precision Agriculture and Agriculture Science Technology students will prepare themselves for jobs working with GPS and GIS systems, surveying and managing agriculture technology.

Students who earn an associate’s degree can also continue their education by transferring to a four-year university. This also opens the way to a career as an agricultural scientist or food scientist.

You will walk away from both the degree and certificate programs prepared to enter into a career in agriculture and with a demonstrated ability to use agricultural technology and an understanding of agronomic fundamentals. You can expect to graduate with all of the skills needed to obtain a job right away.

What Can I Earn?

Pay can vary, but can range from a $44,652 average salary for Pest Control Advisers in California to the $64,655 average salary for Surveying and Mapping technicians.

Precision Agriculture technicians can easily earn over $48,090 at certain companies, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and American Association of Geographers.

With further experience, there is the potential to earn even more with just a certificate or associate’s degree to start with.

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