Are You An Artist? Become an Art Director!

Are you a very visual person? Do you like creating designs or illustrations? A career as an art director could be perfect for you! Coalinga College’s degree programs will give you the skills necessary to be successful in your future career as an art director.

What do Art Directors do?

An art director is in charge of creating the overall look of a publication, film or TV set, or an advertisement campaign. When creating these sets, an art director supervises the set crew to create what they have envisioned. They examine elements like color, photographs, and fabrics to determine which ones would fit the overall look of the project.

Coalinga College’s degree programs will give you an introduction of the art industry and what to expect as an art director. At Coalinga College, the degree program you undertake will give you a refined eye for the arts and will give you the knowledge necessary to transfer to a four-year university and start your career as an art director.

What would I make as an Art Director?

In 2021, the average salary for an art director in California was $132,306 although the salary will depend on where you work.

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