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Considering a Career as an Athletic Trainer?

Do you enjoy teaching other about how to properly take care of their physical health and immune system? Becoming an athletic trainer will be the best fit for you! West Hills College Coalinga will give you the knowledge necessary to become successful in your future career as an athletic trainer.

What does an Athletic Trainer do?

The main focus of any athletic trainer is to monitor and take care of an athlete’s illness or injury. To do this, you must know how to properly aid them in their recovery and know when they are well enough to play. You will work with a physician to create and implement the best program for the injured or sick to help them recuperate. The programs created might involve the use of physical therapy equipment or medication which you’re expected to have a basic knowledge of.

West Hills College Coalinga’s degree programs will prepare you for any problems that could arise within your athletic training career. By earning a degree at West Hills College Coalinga, you will attain the knowledge necessary to further your education at a four-year university and later begin your career as an athletic trainer!

What would I make as an Athletic Trainer?

In 2021, the average annual income for an Athletic Trainer in California was $62,636. You can earn more depending on where you work.

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