Thinking About a Career as A Retail Manager?

Interested in managing a team within the retail field? West Hills offers various Business Management degrees that will benefit you substantially for this team-oriented career.

What does a Retail Manager do?

As a Retail Manager, you will be in charge of monitoring the work of your employees as well as your supervisors and interview and hire new people for your team. Not only will you have to create your own work schedule, you will also have to create the schedules for your employees. Your responsibilities will vary, however, depending on how large the company that you’re working with is. You must also be able to easily adapt to change and be willing to learn the newest technologies.

Don’t go into this job blind; West Hills College Coalinga's various degrees and certificates will prepare you with the administrations skills necessary for your future career! You will learn the deductive reasoning and time management skills that will help you stay in charge of a team no matter the size after you complete your program at West Hills.

What would I earn as a Retail Manager?

The average wage for a Retail Manager in California in 2021 was $47,353. Depending on where you live and how big the company is, your annual income can be as high as $59,644.

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