Working While Studying at Coalinga College: Learn How

At Coalinga College, we aim to not only provide you with a quality education, but also offer job opportunities. One of these opportunities is the Federal Work-Study Program.

What is the Federal Work-Study program? It's a special program that helps students like you get jobs. Taking part in this program isn't just about earning money. It's also about getting ready for the real world and learning skills that will help you in your future career.

Are You Able to Join?
The Federal Work-Study program is available to students at our college, but whether you can join depends on a few things. The main factor is whether you need financial help, but there are other things that might affect your eligibility. To find out if you're eligible, you can visit the financial aid office at our college or talk to the staffers there. They'll guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

Work Around Your Classes
One great thing about the Federal Work-Study program at Coalinga College is that your work hours are flexible. We know you're here to learn, so we make sure your job doesn't get in the way of your classes. With this program, you can earn money while you're still focusing on your studies.

Job Openings: Are You Ready?
There are lots of jobs available on our campus through the Federal Work-Study program. You can work in different areas and departments within our college, where you can gain practical experience and learn professional skills.

Don't want to miss this opportunity? Visit the financial aid office or call them to get more information as soon as possible. You will find more about how to schedule an appointment online at West Hills College Admissions.

Start your journey to success. At Coalinga College, we try our best to help you achieve your academic and career goals in a way that's exciting and enriching.

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