Overcoming Financial Hurdles with West Hills College Coalinga

Deciding to return to school can be a monumental step for a working adult. Work, personal life, and academic pursuits can be daunting, and financial worries often top the list of concerns. However, at West Hills College Coalinga, we understand these challenges and have practical solutions to help you overcome them. Here are some common financial obstacles a working adult may face and how we can help mitigate them.

Tuition Fees
As a working adult, managing your expenses is already a balancing act, and adding tuition fees to it might seem overwhelming. At West Hills College Coalinga, we offer affordable tuition at just $46 a unit, making higher education accessible and financially viable for our students. This way, you get to further your education without breaking the bank!

Cost of Textbooks
The price tag on textbooks can be a shocker to many students. Adding these costs to your budget may feel like piling on! But West Hills College Coalinga's solution? We proudly provide Open Educational Resources (OER) and zero-cost textbooks. Not only does this dramatically reduce your expenses, but it also creates a more equitable learning environment for everybody.

Childcare Expenses
Finding affordable, safe, and reliable childcare can be a headache for working adults with kids, and the cost can often be prohibitive. We've got you covered! Our college offers affordable childcare on-site with sliding scale fees according to your income. So, while you focus on your classes, rest assured that your children are safe.

Living and Transportation Costs
It's no secret that the cost of living and commuting can be a financial struggle for many students. But here's some good news: Coalinga offers a lower cost of living, making life more affordable. Moreover, our college is in your community, saving you fuel and valuable time commuting.

Support for Part-Time Students
Work commitments and personal responsibilities may not allow for full-time study, and that's okay! We offer flexible schedules that cater to part-time and full-time students alike. Though attending part-time may lead to a more extended study period, reduced class load can help maintain a balanced life. At West Hills College Coalinga, we strive to support each student's unique journey, assisting every step of the way.

Investing in education as a working adult is a commendable decision that financial circumstances should not hinder. West Hills College Coalinga is committed to helping you achieve your educational goals while balancing your budget and responsibilities. Only a more educated community can lead to a prosperous community, and we are here to assist you.

Financial barriers should never deter your dreams; with us, they won't have to.

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