Student Services

Support Programs

  • CalWORKs — Provides support services to students receiving cash aid from any county welfare agency. CalWORKs offers academic and vocational planning, priority registration, childcare assistance, employment opportunities through work study, and referrals to on and off campus resources. For more information, contact 559.934.2496.
  • CARE — Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education is a supplemental component of EOPS that provides support services and activities for welfare-dependent, single head of household students. For more information, contact 559.934.2300 in Coalinga or 559.934.2980 in NDC.
  • DSPS — Disabled Students Programs and Services, WHCC is committed to providing equal access to education for Persons with disabilities. The DSPS office provides services to those persons with physical, learning, and psychological disabilities including: individual, academic and vocational counseling; priority registration; note takers/readers; diagnostic testing; alternative testing services; mobility assistance; liaison with the State Department of Rehabilitation and other agencies; assistive technology; and alternative media. Our learning skills program provides individual and small group instruction for students with learning disabilities in a high-tech lab setting. For more information, please contact 559.934.2344.
  • EOPS — Extended Opportunity Program & Services is designed to help low income and educationally disadvantaged students gain access to and successfully complete a program of higher education. Services include counseling, priority registration, textbook and financial assistance. For more information, contact 559.934.2762 in Coalinga or 559.934.2980 in NDC.
  • Foster Youth Alliance — West Hills College Coalinga is committed to helping students from the foster care system with the academic and financial support and resources needed to succeed in college. There is a dedicated counselor and support staff available. For more information call 559.934.2300.
  • MESA — The MESA Center provides multiple levels of support to students who are interested or pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering, Agricultural Science, Mathematics and Medicine (STEAMM) majors or careers. The MESA Center serves as a place where student can be tutored and mentored, study, and get information on internships (jobs), conferences and opportunities in general.  The MESA program provides opportunities for MESA and ASEM students to attend conferences, field trips, events and professional development workshops.  MESA is more than just a program, it is your community.  Please stop by room G4 on the Coalinga Campus, NDC Room 8 on Tuesdays, or contact us at 559.934.2322.
  • Student Equity Program — WHC Coalinga Student Equity program was created to address gaps in achievement for students with the greatest needs. Through this program the college ensures that regardless of background, students are supported with the resources and services needed to achieve their educational outcomes including transportation, school-related materials and textbooks. Find out if you qualify for the Student Equity Program by call 559.934.2176.
  • SSS (Student Support Services) TRiO — SSS Program is federally funded and designed to retain and transfer students to four year colleges. Eligibility requirements include low income, first generation college students, and students with disabilities. Include: academic, career, and personal counseling, priority registration, educational planning, college, community, and social service referrals, and much more. Details are available at 559.934.2356.
  • Transfer Center — Provides resources for students who are interested in learning more about the California State University System (CSU), University of California System (UC), private, and out-of-state colleges and universities. Services include access to college catalogs, articulation agreements, contact with university representatives, applications assistance, transfer planning, workshops, and tours to four year universities. For more information, call 559.934.2300 for Coalinga or 559.934.2980 for NDC.
  • Tutoring — Located in the Rodney B. Fitch Library/Learning Resource Center, the West Hills College Coalinga   Tutorial Center provides individualized and group tutoring for students who need additional academic assistance outside the classroom. Students have the option of receiving help on a walk-in basis or scheduling appointments to fit their needs. The tutoring center encourages students with high grades to apply to become part of our certified tutoring team. For more information or to arrange an appointment, call 559.934.2402.
  • UpGrade — Is a series of supplemental instruction sessions designed for student success. The material covered in each session is specific to the class and the instructor who teaches it. UpGrade sessions are free to all students and UpGrade leaders tailor each session to fit student needs. These services are available in the Library/Learning Resource Center.
  • Upward Bound Program — Is another TRiO program specifically offered to high school students in Coalinga, Mendota, and Tranquillity. Eligible students include those who are low income, potential first generation college students, demonstrate an academic need, and individuals with disabilities. The focus of Upward Bound is to provide encouragement, preparation and support high school students attending college after high school. For more information, please contact program staff at 559.934.2356.
  • Veterans — Provides certifications of enrollment and progress for eligible veterans, dependents of deceased veterans, and children of disabled veterans under applicable federal and state laws administered by the Veterans’ Administration and the State Department of Veterans’ Affairs. For more information, contact 559.934.2324.
  • Workforce Connection — WHC Coalinga and the North District Center in Firebaugh has a Workforce Connection office on campus to serve to mobilize and integrate all private and public partners to effectively education, train and place individuals with the necessary resources and skills to fulfill employer needs. Call them at 559.934.2908.


The Rodney B. Fitch Library/Learning Resource Center provides a variety of resources and support services to the college community. In addition to the growing collection of books, magazines and newspapers, videos, and electronic research databases, the library also includes special collections of ESL materials, children’s literature, textbook and graphic novels. The library staff is available to assist with research questions, give class orientations, and help in the location of materials and use of the library. Intra-library loan provides access to material from the North District Center and Lemoore campus libraries.

During the fall and spring semesters the library is open from:

  • 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday
  • 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Friday

Summer hours may vary. Many library resources are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the library’s Web site at For further information check the Web site or call 559.934.2420.

North Disctrict Center Library

The library at the North District Center offers a full range of academic library service. This branch of the West Hills College library provides an area for students to read, browse, and tocheck out books, videos, and laptop. Other available services include: tutoring, class orientations and textbook checkout. Intra-library loan provides access to material from the Colainga and Lemoore campus libraries.

The library at the North District Center is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For more information call 559.934.2976.


Apprenticeship programs are organized in cooperation with a joint apprenticeship committee, a unilateral apprenticeship committee, or an individual employer of the respective craft for the training of apprentices approved by the State of California, Division of Apprenticeship Standards. West Hills College Coalinga supports apprenticeship training by offering select committees and employers’ apprentice instruction. For more information, contact 559.934.2168.