Welcome to West Hills College Coalinga's
Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS)

DSPS is committed to leveling the playing field by providing an equal educational opportunity for students with different abilities. We cater to those with physical, psychological, and learning disabilities.

Our aim is to empower students, encouraging them to lead active and independent lives. We provide opportunities for participation in a wide range of college programs tailored to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities.

Take the first step towards a fulfilling college experience by exploring the diverse programs and services we offer.

  • We offer a diverse assortment of assistive technologies to bolster your academic journey including:
    • Print enlarger/Braille
    • Digital Recorders
    • Adapted Computer hardware devices.
    • Assistive Software applications
    • Electronic Text
    • Personal Assistive Listening devices
    • Scribe Pens
    If you have any question about assistive technology, please contact: Keith Brock | (559) 925-3302 | keithbrock@whccd.edu
  • Is note-taking a challenge for you, especially with motor function difficulties? No worries. The DSPS office at West Hills College Coalinga is your go-to resource.

    Some teachers may provide printed notes or other materials that can be a big help. If you need extra support, we find a classmate volunteer skilled at note-taking and whose handwriting is easy to read. They'll share their notes, and we'll provide copied versions for you. 

    For any questions or for help setting this up, contact the DSPS office – we’re here to ensure your success at West Hills College Coalinga.

  • We understand that some students with disabilities might need help reading textbooks and other materials. If that sounds like you, our DSPS office is ready to assist.

    Two common reader services which can be used to support you are:

    • Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D): This national service offers support for many kinds of disabilities, not just for blind students. Want to join? Talk to a DSPS Counselor for more information.
    • Electronic Text (AB 422): Publishers can sometimes provide text in electronic formats, making it easier for students with disabilities. If that's not available, we can scan books for you. Just ask a DSPS Counselor!
  • Discover how the DSPS office at West Hills College Coalinga provides test proctoring services, ensuring a positive testing experience for students with disabilities.

    Test Proctoring Request
    (Request at least 1 week before test date)
    WHC Coalinga: DSPS Lab at (559)-934-2344 or dspscoalinga@whccd.edu
    Firebaugh Center: Firebaugh Library at (559)-934-2963 or saraavila@whccd.edu.

    Learn more about Test Proctoring Services

  • DSPS is committed to leveling the playing field by providing an equal educational opportunity for students with different abilities.  Additional DSPS support services include:

    • Specialized Tutoring
    • Personal Disability Management Counseling
    • Priority Registration
    • Academic Counseling
    • Career/Professional Counseling
    • Interpreters for the Deaf
    • Educational Testing and Diagnosis
    • Alternate Media
    • Assistive Technology Loans
    • Liaison with Department of Rehabilitation
    • Learning Disability Testing
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    Complete DSPS Application
    To apply for DSPS services please complete the attached DSPS Application
    DSPS Application
    Email Application
    Please email your completed application to dspscoalinga@whccd.edu
  • For Questions or Appointments Contact:

    DSPS Lab | (559) 934-2344 | dspscoalinga@whccd.edu 


    WHC Coalinga |  Building Q-3 DSPS Lab
    Mon-Fri: 8 am to 12 pm | 1 pm to 5 pm
    300 West Cherry Lane, Coalinga Ca 93210

    Firebaugh Center | Room 120 DSPS Lab
    900 O St, Firebaugh Ca 93622

    Key Contact

    Karina Gonzalez
    Program Assistant
    (559) 934-2326

    Anna Jorgens
    DSPS Coordinator/LD Specialist/ Instructor

    Rica McGinnis
    DSPS Counselor

    Keith Brock
    Adaptive Technology Coordinator

    Jon Endicott
    Dean of Student Services


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