Institution-Set Standards

West Hills College Lemoore has determined the following standards by which to assess the institution. Institution set standards are levels identified by WHCL to be acceptable. 

The ISS and stretch goals listed on this page reflect the changes made at Planning and Governance Council on Nov. 13, 2019. ISS and stretch goals are reviewed annually by the Planning and Governance Council,  with the most recent review having taken place on Nov. 18, 2020.

  Institution-Set Standard (Minimum Acceptable Performance) Stretch Goal

Actual Rate  2016-17

Actual Rate  2017-18 Actual Rate  2018-19 Actual Rate 2019-20 Actual Rate 2020-21
Course Success Rate 70% 75% 73% 73% 73% 74%* 75%
Students awarded associate degrees
(unduplicated headcount)
550 students 771 degrees per year 484 students 532 students 606 students 634 students 614 students
Students awarded certificates of achievement (unduplicated headcount) 75 students 131 certificates per year 63 students 78 students 42 students 358 students (42 w/ CSU GE certificate excluded) 379 students 
Transfers to Four-Year Institutions 450 transfers per year 525 transfers per year 495 transfers 444 transfers 489 transfers 540 transfers 513 transfers

*Spring 2020 course success rates include "EW" grades as non-successful attempts.

Licensure Pass Rates Institution-Set Standard (Minimum Acceptable Performance) 2015-16 Pass Rate 2016-17 Pass Rate 2017-18 Pass Rate 2018-19 Pass Rate 2019-20 Pass Rate
AOJ POST – Arrest and Control* 85% 95.7% 97.5% 98% 65%  
AOJ POST – Firearms* 85% 100% 100% 100% 100%  
Certified Nurse Assistant 85% 96.5% 81% 66.6% 100%  
Registered Nursing 85% 79.1% 79.4% 96.9% 94.4% 91.7%
Paramedics 85% 90.9% 100% 90% 45.5%  

 * AOJ Post courses are no longer offered as of spring 2019

Paramedic Pass Rates
Registered Nursing Pass Rates

Job Placement Rates Institution-Set Standard (Minimum Acceptable Performance) Stretch Goal* 2014-15 2015-16  2016-17 2017-18**
Administration of Justice 60%   77% 74% 89% 56%
Business Administration 60%   * * * *
Child Development 60%   * * * *
Nursing 60%   95% 100% 96% 94%

*Based on lack of current and consistent job placement data, CTE learning area opted not to set Job Placement Rate stretch goals (CTE Learning Area Meeting, March 27, 2019)

**Job placement rates based on CTE Launchboard data.  Outcomes for 2017-18 are the most recently available data as of April 2021.

Additional details on job placement rates, including data sources and methodology can be viewed on the WHCCD Job Placement Data page

* n-size too small to calculate job placement rate

Note: Data source used for Job Placement rates has changed from previous years. Currently using CTE Launchboard data, while past data were based on Perkins Core Indicators.


Course Success Rate: The percentage of students enrolled on the course census date who complete with a grade of A, B, C, or p

Degrees Awarded: The number of associate degrees awarded during the academic year. Students can be counted more than once for earning multiple degrees.

Certificates Awarded: The number of Chancellor’s Office approved Certificates of Achievement awarded during the academic year. Students can be counted more than once for earning multiple certificates.

Transfers: The number of students (unduplicated) transferring to four-year institutions after completing a minimum of 12 units at WHCCD. Transfer year is based on the academic year in which the student first enrolled at the four-year institution.