Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs)

Lemoore College identifies the following knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes that students should master as a result of their overall college experience.

Communication Competency
  • Communicate using coherent, primarily error-free writing.
  • Demonstrate interactive communication.
  • Negotiate an action plan and communicate the results.
Analytical Inquiry
  • Recognize a problem or a question and distinguish between ideas, concepts, theories, or practical approaches to it.
Information Competency
  • Cite reliable sources to create projects, papers, or performances with a specialized focus within the arts and sciences.
Quantitative Reasoning
  • Explain (interpret) how accurate calculations of quantitative information inform politics, economics, health-related areas, or technological topics..
  • Justify graphs or other visual depictions of trends, relationships, or changes in status.
Ethical Reasoning
  • Express how ethical issues in politics, economics, health care, technology, or the arts help to inform decision-making.
Ability to Engage Diverse Perspectives
  • Articulate how different cultural perspectives affect politics, society, the arts, and global relations.
  • Evaluate sources on issues in culture, society, politics, the arts, or global relations and compare their own perspectives with other views..
Personal, Academic, and Career Development
  • Identify positive lifestyle goals that promote self-reliance, financial literacy, and physical, mental, and social health..