Mission and Vision


West Hills College Lemoore is dedicated to student learning and achievement by providing quality programs, pathways, and services that lead to certificates, associate degrees, transfer, and employment. Our college serves a diverse community of students who seek a cost-effective, relevant, and engaging educational experience. We are committed to ensuring accessibility for all students and aim to cultivate an inclusive, equitable, and collegial climate.


West Hills College Lemoore is committed to the relentless pursuit of student success.


GOAL 1: Increase the number of course sections, certificates, and degrees identified as Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) or Low Textbook Cost (LTC) with Open Educational Resources across all disciplines.

GOAL 2: Implement innovative, high-touch, and flexible teaching practices and student support services that are responsive to and focused on the collective needs of our stakeholders.

GOAL 3: Streamline policies, practices, and procedures to strengthen the Guided Pathways components with an emphasis on the “Get Strong” component for our diverse student population.