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    If you already have already applied for another community college, click on Sign In.  Skip to Creating Account below

    If you have not applied to another college, click on Create an Account



    Creating Account

    Creating My Account

    • Enter cell phone number
    • Or used personal email (example: Gmail, yahoo mail or iCloud)


    Verify Your Account

    • Enter 6-digit number sent to your cellphone or personal email
    • Click verify email/phone number


    Begin Creating My Account

    • Fill out the information required
    • Click Terms of Use
    • Answer homeless question
    • Enter your address
    • Enter your legal name
      • If you have two last names in your social security card, please write them down
    • Date of birth




    Create a password (Please Write Password Down)
    Then Click on Create Account



    New College Application


    • Click Start a New Application




    • Choose the term you want to attend.
    • From the list, select the educational goal that most closely represents why you are attending college.
    • Choose your major. If you aren’t sure, pick the program you are most interested in. You can always change it with a counselor later.


    • Enter your Social Security Number or decline to provide at this time



    • Enter Current Mailing Address
      • Select my mailing address is the same as Open CCC
      • If you receive mail elsewhere, you can also enter your mailing address.





    • Enter College Enrollment Status
      Select your enrollment status from the options listed. If you aren’t sure, pick the one closest to your situation.



    • Enter High School Education
      Look up your high school by entering the first 3-4 letters and then select your school from the list



    • Enter High School Transcript Information
      • Enter your current GPA
      • Last level of English you completed
      • Last level of Math you completed




    • Enter your Citizenship & Immigration Status
      • If you are not a permanent resident or citizen:

        • Born outside the United States

        • No Permanent Resident Card and not Naturalized

        • DACA, DREAMER, Undocumented:

          • Select No Documents

        • Visa holder:

          • Select your Visa type from the   list and then enter the dates it is valid

    • Select the applicable military status if you or a guardian are enlisted, or choose None apply to me







    • Enter your California Residence
    • Enter any Out-of-State Activities
      • Only check the boxes if you have lived outside of California and you or your parent/guardian have engaged in one of the listed activities


    • Special Residency Categories
      Please read the questions carefully and answer accordingly



    Needs and Interest

    • Please read each carefully and answer accordingly
      • Main Language
      • Financial Assistance 
      • Athletic Interest
      • Program & Services






    • Please read each carefully and answer accordingly
      • Gender/Transgender
      • Parent/Guardian Educational Levels
      • Race/Ethnicity







    Review Your Responses, acknowledgements and Submit Application


    Request for Consent to Release Information

    • Select I Consent



    • Check the two boxes and Submit Application
    • Save your CCC Apply ID for future reference





    Key Information & Next Steps

    • OpenCCC Apply Confirmation Email
      You should receive a confirmation email in the email account you entered when you created your OpenCCC Apply account above. Email usually arrives within 20-30 minutes of applying. If you don't see it, check your Spam or Social folder.
    • West Hills Account Email
      You will receive an additional email message from WHC Coalinga or WHC Lemoore with your one time log in link and username. If you don't receive this email, contact the Admissions Office for assistance in setting up your West Hills account. 
    • Continue Admissions & Enrollment Process for your College
  • WHC Lemoore

    Petition to Graduate Guide

    You have reached an important milestone in your academic career - it is time to petition to
    graduate! We have built this module to save you time and, in current circumstances, keep
    you safe. You may now apply for graduation online – safely and conveniently from any
    remote location. Here is how.

    View Petition to Graduate Guide


    WHC Coalinga

    Petition to Graduate Guide

    You can apply to graduate through your student portal at the Petition to Graduate option. If you aren't sure whether you are ready to graduate or you don't see your program listed, you will need to speak with a counselor. 

    View Petition to Graduate Guide




  • Register in the Student Portal 

    See the video below for a quick guide on using our registration through the student portal:

    Register on the WestHills App 

    See the video below for a quick guide on registering using the WestHills app (available free through Google Play and Apple App Store)

  • Once you've completed admissions and the affidavit in Student Services, you will be eligible to complete an application for the California Community College Promise Grant, formerly known as the Board of Governors (BOG) Enrollment Fee Waiver. Dream

    This will allow you to register for your classes and its paid for through the state of California

    WHC Lemoore Dream Resource Center

    WHC Coalinga Dream Resource Center

  • More than likely yes, we encourage all future and current West Hills students to fill out a FAFSA application. This will allow our team to evaluate your need and provide you with any financial assistance and options available to you. 

    We also offer a number of other options to our student which include:

    • Fee waivers and book vouchers (For Those who Qualify)
    • Grants and Loans
    • Scholarships
    • Work-Study

    Learn More on our Financial Web Site

  • Visit our cost of attendance page for current information on tuition and fee waivers. Tuition rates differ based on California residency status.

    WHC Lemoore Cost of Attendance

    WHC Coalinga Cost of Attendance

  • The Fall semester begins mid August with Spring semester starting mid January. For official semester start for Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters please see our Academic Calendar

    View Official Academic Calendar

    Classes are offered Monday through Friday during the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. In addition, there is an excellent selection of courses offered online.

    View/Search the Class Schedule

    Apply for Admissions

  • West Hills Community College offers certificates of completion, Associate Degrees in Arts (AA) or Sciences (AS), as well as Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT). Students can prepare for the world of work in a matter of months, earn a degree, find employment, or transfer to a four-year university. You can also take classes to update your skills or for personal enrichment!

    View Academic Programs 

    Not sure what program to seek? Find an Academic Program that meets your interest

    We also offer a number of non-credit Skill Building Education courses for those simply looking to improve their current skill set or advance their careers. 

    Skill Building Education Courses

    For information on the classes that universities will accept (in a specific major), consult www.assist.org and/or speak with your academic advisor or counselor.


    Variation: What degrees and certificates are offered?

  • West Hills Community Colleges offer Associate Degrees in Arts (AA) or Sciences (AS), as well as Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT), Certificates of Achievement, and Industry Certification Prep course sets in a number of academic majors. 

    Visit our Degrees and Certificates page for a comprehensive overview of all academic majors offered at our Colleges. 

    If you are not sure what academic major to pursue we also offer a personalized academic program finder which matches your interest to potential majors.

  • West Hills College is making it possible for students to register in advance for classes for an entire year! Students are able to register for all three semesters of the academic year at once. This will allow students to plan and guarantee their class schedule for a full academic year.

    Learn more about Reg365

    View Course Schedule