Procedures for Requesting to Utilize Coalinga CollegeFacilities

  1. Review the District Policy and Procedure for facilities use (includes facilities fees).
  2. Complete the Application and Agreement for Use of District Property.  A certificate of insurance must accompany the request.
  3. Application and Agreement Form
  4. Include diagram of setup or layout of event if necessary.
  5. Attach any brochures or advertising in connection with the event.
  6. Submit form to:
    Darrien Alexander Senior Secretary Maintenance and Operations
    Phone: (559) 934-2251 
    Coalinga College
    300 W. Cherry Lane
    Coalinga, CA  93210
  7. You will receive written notice whether the request has been approved or denied.
    No event can take place unless written approval has been received.
  8. Pay any facilities fees that are required.



Questions:  (559) 934-2223
Board Policy 6700
Administrative Procedure 6700