Course Descriptions

Diesel Technology - DT
Course Classification

Courses numbered 1-49 — are baccalaureate level (transfer) courses. Courses thus numbered are transferable to four- year institutions. Agriculture courses are designed to parallel the work taught in similar courses at California Polytechnic State University or at California State University, Fresno but may not carry the same number.

Courses numbered 50-99 — are associate degree level courses. Courses thus numbered are primarily for the student who does not plan to continue his/her education beyond the community college level; however, occupational education courses may transfer according to articulation agreements. Complete information on articulation is available through the Counseling Center.

Courses Numbered 100-201 — are non-transfer and are non-degree applicable; they are skill building or remedial.

Abbreviations for Degree, Non-Degree, and Transfer Courses

The following abbreviations designate degree applicable, transfer, and non-degree applicable courses:
(AA) Associate Degree
(CSU) Transferable to California State University System
(UC) Transferable to University of California System
(NDA) Non-Degree Applicable

  • DT-050
  • State Laws and Fed Regualtions
  • Credit(s) 3

State Laws and Federal Regulations
DT 050 provides students with an understanding of California and federal motor vehicle traffic laws, highway traffic regulations, and driver's license laws needed to understand and demonstrate the ability to drive in accordance with laws and regulations.

Class Hours:
54 Lecture
  • DT-052
  • Safe Operation Fundamentals
  • Credit(s) 2

Safe Operation Fundamentals
DT 052 provides practical and theoretical instruction in the techniques needed to drive defensively and prevent accidents in spite of the incorrect actions of others and adverse conditions. Students are prepared to recognize and perform first aid treatment in dealing with major emergencies, both medical and accidental. The course also explains and demonstrates safe practices in using and selecting proper tools for the job, both in the shop and on the road.

Class Hours:
108 Laboratory
  • DT-053
  • Fork Lift Operations
  • Credit(s) 1

Fork Lift Operations
DT 053 provides practical and theoretical training in the operation of material handling equipment (forklift and pallet jack) and how it works. Student receives training while driving on a planned course, loading and unloading commercial vehicles and load securement, with a continuous emphasis on safe driving and operation. Students also develop their skills in minor maintenance for good pre-trip and post-trip inspection.

Class Hours:
54 Laboratory
  • DT-055
  • Trip Planning and Budgeting
  • Credit(s) 3

Trip Planning and Budgeting
DT 055 provides student with practical and theoretical training related to the planning of trips using a Rand McNally Road Atlas and finding the most effective and efficient routing between pickup and delivery points. The course will also include a review of basic math and industry math applications.

Class Hours:
54 Lecture
  • DT-057
  • Job Prep Skills
  • Credit(s) 1

Job Prep Skills
DT 057 provides information on how to find available positions as well as improve job-seeking skills in order to apply for, and interview with both small and large transportation companies. Additionally, it provides information and resources on how to prepare appropriate documents (application, resume, and cover letter) for job search and to assist in the interview process.

Class Hours:
18 Lecture
  • DT-058
  • Operations of Commercial Vehic
  • Credit(s) 3

Operations of Commercial Vehicles I
DT 058 provides practical and theoretical knowledge in the operation of two- and three-axle tractor trailer combinations on a driving range and highway. Student will develop the hand, eye, and foot coordination for shifting a 10-speed dual-range transmission. Additionally students will be oriented in California state laws pertaining to a commercial motor vehicle, which prepares them for the CDL Skills and Knowledge Test for the Class A license.

Class Hours:
18 Lecture | 108 Laboratory
  • DT-059
  • Operations of Commercial Vehi
  • Credit(s) 3

Operations of Commercial Vehicles II
DT 059 provides practical and theoretical knowledge in the operation of five-axle commercial vehicles with a GVWR of 80,000 lbs. and lengths over 65 feet, including single and double trailers. Students will learn to operate various types of dual-range transmissions on the driving range and in real-life city and highway traffic. Students will receive 2,000 - 2,500 miles of road experience with empty and loaded trailers.

Class Hours:
162 Laboratory
DT 058