Child Development - Administrative

Child Development - Administrative Local Certificate

The State of California, Commission for Teacher Preparation and Licensing, is responsible for issuing Child Development Permits to eligible students seeking employment in State funded early childhood educational programs or other selective children’s programs. The student with the intention of securing a Child Development Permit must follow mandated course requirements as outlined by the Child Development Permit Matrix handout. To secure a copy of the Child Development Permit Matrix contact a Child Development instructor or the coordinator of the Child Development Training Consortium. There is a monetary fee paid to the Commission for Teacher Preparation and Licensing when se-curing the Child Development permit and as required, all course work must be passed with a grade of C or better.

The Child Development Teacher level certificate prepares the student to earn state certification as a Master Teacher, Site Supervisor, or Program Director.  The student may apply for as many certificates as they wish after fulfilling the requirements of each certificate.  These certificates meet the academic requirements according to Title 22 and may help the student be employed in the field of early childhood education.  There are no monetary fees for these certificates.

The course work in this certificate helps to partially qualify a student to become a director/supervisor/administrator of a State, Federal, nonprofit, or privately owned children’s program. Courses within this certificate meet State mandated requirements. CD 014A, 014B and 022 are mandated courses for the site supervisor and program director requirements for the Child Development Permit.

It is strongly recommended students not take these courses until they have some experience working with children and adults and have completed at least 12.0 units of child development courses, which include the State mandated classes.

Program student learning outcomes:

  1. Students will implement knowledge of building successful relations within the childcare program.
  2. Students will integrate knowledge of successful budgeting in child care programs.
Course # Title Units
Required Core Courses (12 Units)
CD 014A Administration and Supervision of Children's Programs 3
CD 014B Administration and Supervision of Children's Programs Fieldwork 3
CD 022 Supervising Adults Working in Children's Programs 2
Computer and/or Business Electives 4
Total 12

Electives: It is recommended that students choose computer and/or business classes that meet their educational needs.