Kinesiology AA Degree

The term kinesiology means the study of movement and the associate of arts degree program emphasizes major preparation courses for students seeking transfer to a four-year university. Students entering the field of kinesiology can look forward to career prospects in the areas of fitness, health and wellness, athletic training, exercise science, education/coaching, and sports administration.

Students who have selected the particular four-year college to which they wish to transfer should use the catalog of that institution as the principle guide for determining additional coursework.

Program student learning outcomes:

  1. Students will identify the structure and function of the human body as it relates to physical activity. 
  2. Students will identify the theoretical framework used in sports and exercise. 
  3. Students will identify safety measures in various physical activities.
  4. Students will identify, describe, or demonstrate a specific sports skill.
  5. Students will demonstrate proper exercise skills. 
  6. Students will identify or describe the rules of a specific sport.

Students must fulfill the following requirements to qualify for an Associate Degree:

  • Complete the Local General Education, CSU General Education (CSUGE) or Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) requirements,
  • Complete a minimum of 18 additional units from the major list below,
  • Complete electives to reach a total of 60-degree applicable units,
  • Earn a grade of C or better in each major course,
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.00, and
  • Complete the English and math proficiency requirements with a C or better
Course # Title Units
Required Core Courses (20 Units)
BIO 032 Human Anatomy 4
BIO 035 Human Physiology 4
NUT 001 Basic Nutrition 3
KINES 001 Introduction to Kinesiology 3
PSYCH 029 Introduction to Sport & Exercise Psychology 3
*PE-046 Care & Prevention of Athletic Injury 3
Plus 2 Units from two different PE activity courses below:
PE 006 Body Conditioning 1
PE 011 Golf 1
PE 020 Tennis 1
PE 021A Introductory Fitness Lab 1
PE 021B Beginning Fitness Lab 1
PE 021C Intermediate Fitness Lab 1
PE 021D Advanced Fitness Lab 1
PE 023 Weight Training 1
PE 024 Circuit Training 0.5 - 1
PE 025A Introductory Soccer 1
Total 21

*PE-046 is no longer offered - KINES 046 should be substituted for this course.