Life Skills

Life Skills - Local Certificate

The Life Skills Certificate is intended primarily for students with intellectual disabilities. The goal for this program is to increase the independence, self-determination, and quality of life for students with intellectual disabilities. 

The Life Skills Certificate offers general background in transition to college, life skills and personal growth, basic computer skills, adaptive English and math, study skills, financial literacy, time management skills, etc. 

In order to complete the Life Skills Certificate, students must complete the minimum 10 required units. Upon completion of this program, students will earn a local certificate of completion. 

Program student learning outcomes:

  1. Students will utilize a computer, computer programs, and assistive technology software.
  2. Students will read, write, and edit college level documents.
  3. Students will navigate the college campus, the WHCC website, the student portal, and LMS.
  4. Students will solve prealgebra math problems.
  5. Students will demonstrate knowledge of basic life skills and react appropriately to life emergency situations.
Course # Title Units
Required Core Courses (6.5 Units)
GS 100 Transition to College for Students With Disabilities 0.5
GS 102 Guidance Studies Math 1
GS 103 Guidance Studies Reading and Writing 1
GS 104 Adapted Computer Literacy 1
GS 105 Consumer Skills 1
GS 106 Independent Living Skills 1
GS 061 Guidance Studies Content Area Support 1
Total 6.5