$100,000 Gift from Chevron Makes Virtual Reality Learning a Possibility at West Hills College Coalinga

Thanks to a $100,000 gift from Chev­ron, West Hills College Coalinga is opening a maker’s space and 3D simulation lab on-campus in Coalinga and a STEM Lab on-campus at the newly constructed WHCC Firebaugh Center.

The public is welcome to attend the grand opening of the Chevron Falcon Innovation Nest, Tuesday September 13 at 10:30 AM in building G room 2 located at West Hills College Coalinga.

“The Chevron Falcon Innovation Nest will house a 3D printer and virtual lab simulation software that are designed to support introductory coursework in weld­ing, agriscience, health sciences and public services, human anatomy, and chemistry,” said Angela Tos, WHCC Vice President of Student Services.

“Using virtual lab simulation, students learn from curriculum-aligned AR/VR simulations,” said Zach Soto, WHCC Director of MESA. “Students gain a deeper understanding of concepts addressed in the classroom resulting in a more active learning process.”

“We are looking forward to opening the Chevron Falcon Innovation Nest,” said Tos “This technology will help prepare our first-generation students who are aspiring to be engineers, scientists, and mathematicians for transfer to four-year universities and careers in STEM.”

The AR/VR system is built on ad­vanced engineering and simulation technologies. All models in the software are accurate and present the latest in technological advancement.

“Students are also able to extend their virtual reality lab experiences on oth­er devices. Instructors can use Course­ware to deliver course assignments, assign quizzes, manage grades, transform lecture presentations to include 3D models and animations, and expand and enhance lab analy­ses,” said Soto.

Through the Chevron Falcon Inno­vation Nest, students gain access to self-study experiences, hands-on laboratory observations, and certifica­tion preparation.

“We are excited to partner with West Hills College Coalinga in helping to integrate cutting-edge STEM resourc­es into their classroom curriculum,” said Robbie Robinson, public and government affairs representative for Chevron. “These types of resources will help educate future generations and equip them to become problem solvers and innovators for an ev­er-competitive workforce.”

“We are grateful to Chevron for their investment in the talent and promise of our students,” said Tos. “The hands-on experience will give our students great preparation and knowledge for the modern workforce. We’re de­lighted that Chevron recognizes the potential that exists in our communi­ties and is reinvesting locally. “