What is Adult Education?

Lemoore College offers a range of classes to help you gain the skills to improve your life. From English as a Second Language (ESL) to citizenship preparation to high school diploma programs to career and technical training.

Best of all, most adult education classes at Lemoore are free of charge!

Build Job Skills
Invest in Your Professional Development

Preparing for a career that is right for you means choosing the right path to get you there. Lemoore College offers Career Technical Education (CTE) packaged in two formats: CTE Academies and CTE Programs.

High School Completion
It’s never too late to complete your high school education

Enroll in the following High School Completion programs to take the first step towards earning your diploma and opening up new and better job opportunities.

Read, Write, & Speak English
Aprende a Leer, Escribir y Hablar Inglés| Learn to Read, Write and Speak English

¡Aprenda a leer, escribir y hablar inglés!

Los cursos de inglés como segundo idioma por sus siglas en inglés  (ESL) en Lemoore College le ayudarán aprender a: leer, escribir y hablar en inglés y le prepararán para encontrar un trabajo o seguir con su educación a nivel superior.

¡Las clases son gratuitas y se ofrecen en todos los  niveles (principiante, intermedio y avanzado) de inglés!

Prepare for College
Supporting Your Readiness to Advance Your College and Career Goals

Designed to assist you in obtaining skills and knowledge necessary to reach your education objectives. Topics covered include orientation to college, time management, study skills and techniques, financial literacy, career exploration, and information competency and technology.

Build Life Skills
Essential Life Skills to Help Succeed

Helping adults with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities develop personal, social, behavioral, and safety skills through a comprehensive program for the purpose of achieving a more independent lifestyle at home and in the community.

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