“What is OER” by The Council of Chief State School Officers is licensed CC BY 4.0

Our Mission

Lemoore College's #OERevolution movement is dedicated to textbook affordability, student equity, and revolutionizing the way we teach by using OER. The open licenses on OER allow for the customization of content, which mean learning resources can be kept up-to-date and more relevant to our unique student population and current events. Faculty have been adopting OER materials and we have many Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) courses to choose from as well as whole Zero Textbook Cost Degree pathways!

Join the #OERevolution Today!

Open Educational Resources (OER) are changing the way our instructors teach and our students learn. OER classes provide our students with immediate use of digital textbooks and resources for no cost! Our Zero Cost Textbook (ZTC) courses have saved our students over $6.5 million dollars to date.