Work Experience Education


Are you a paid employee, or do you volunteer? Are you looking for an internship or externship to help you meet your educational goals?

Consider taking advantage of Lemoore College's work experience program! This independent study style course will help you to develop valuable work habits and give you college credits toward your degree.  CWEE credits transfer to most four year universities.

Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) assists students by helping them to develop skills and knowledge by integrating classroom study with practical work experience.

It is based on the principle that well-educated individuals develop most effectively through an educational plan that incorporates real-world work experience.  Through these structured experiences, students enrich their college studies, which enhance their total development.

If you are working as a paid employee or a volunteer, or if you would like to work as an intern or extern, you can earn college credit while at your jobsite.

For more information, contact the work experience instructor or a counselor today!

Or, click on the "Requirements" tab to view specific program information and registration instructions.

CWEE credits are transferable to four-year universities!

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