Course Descriptions

There are two different types of work experience programs:

Occupational Work ExperienceThis program is designed to extend occupational work opportunities through work, paid or voluntary, in the occupation of the student's major (Administration of Justice, Business, Child Development, Computer Information Systems, Health Science, Hotel/Restaurant/Casino Management, Nursing, and Social Work).  Students may earn up to 8 units per semester for a maximum of 16 units of total credit.  The student must be working in the field of the occupational section in which they enroll.

Occupational Work Experience class codes are listed as follows:

  • Administration of Justice - AOJ 015X
  • Agriculture - AG 015X
  • Business - BUS 015x
  • Child Development - CD 015X
  • Computer Information System - CIS 015X 
  • Education - EDUC 015X
  • Health Science - HS 015X 
  • Hotel/Restaurant/Casino Management - HRCM 015X
  • Industrial Technology - ITEC 015X 
  • Nursing - NURS 015X 
  • Social Work - SW 015X


General Work Experience:  This program is designed to aid the student in developing desirable work habits and need not be related to the student's college major or career intents. Students may earn up to 6 units per semester for a maximum of 16 units of total credit in general work experience.  Credit can be given for paid or voluntary work. General Work Experience is not a payable class under VA benefits. 

General Work Experience class code is listed as WE 15XX.

For transfer information, please contact an academic counselor or advisor.


The Student Must:

  • Be enrolled in work experience, either General or Occupational.  To be enrolled in an Occupational Work Experience class, the student must declare the occupational major in which they would like to receive credit and work in the field of that major.

  • Be employed (paid or volunteer work).  One credit is awarded for 75 hours paid work.  One credit is awarded for 60 hours of volunteer work.  If you would like a job placement, please contact the work experience instructor.

  • Have the cooperation of the employer/supervisor and be able to successfully acquire needed input, signatures, and evaluations.

  • Complete and sign all required documents.

  • Successfully complete the work hours required for units enrolled and have on file a signed verification of complete hours.

  • Students less than 18 years of age may be required to have a work permit in order to participate in the work experience program.