Informational Links and On-line Resources

  • Occupational Health and Safety Administration:  OSHA website This site provides information about safety laws and healthy workplaces.
  • California Department of Industrial Relations: CADIR website This site provides information for all of California's wage earners.  Topics include worker's compensation, minimum wage, and labor laws. 
  • United States Department of Labor:  DOL website This site provides information by topic for employee rights.  We will use this website for some of our assignments.
  • Lemoore College Workforce Internship Networking (WIN) Center:  The Workforce Internship Networking (WIN) Center is open to all students.  Some of the services they provide are:  job placement, resume writing, interviewing techniques, and career testing.   
  • California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Career Cafe:  CCC Career Cafe This site provides California Community College Students with employment resources.  There are many activities to help students to meet their career and educational goals.