Student Life


ASB (Associated Student Body) is the official student organization of West Hills College Coalinga and all students are encouraged to join. ASB council members are elected and appointed student officers who serve as the voice of students to the college administration. The council works to improve the relationship between the student and the college through open communications with the student population and college staff, representation on college committees, and activities designed to enhance the collegiate experience. The council meets weekly and all students are encouraged to attend.

For only $7.50 per semester an ASB card entitles students to reduced or free admission to home games, ASB events, and club events. Call 559.934.2373 for more information, or take a look at the website at:


The Follett Bookstore makes available course textbooks and class supplies. The store also carries t-shirts, art supplies, snacks, and more. The bookstore is available online at

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Some course books are available free or at low cost using Open Educational Resources (OER) electronic options. For courses using OER, please check the schedule of classes for availability. ISBN numbers are identified by course to allow students the option of purchasing textbooks at alternative locations.

Off Campus Meetings and Field Trips

Student transportation

Some classes may meet at off campus locations. The college does not provide transportation to these sites and all transportation arrangements are the responsibility of each student enrolled in the class. Although college staff may assist in coordinating transportation and/or may recommend travel time, routes, caravan, etc., these recommendations are not mandatory. WHCC is in no way responsible nor does West Hills College Coalinga assume responsibility for any injuries or losses resulting from this non-college sponsored transportation. If you ride with another student, that student is not an agent of, or driving on behalf of, the college.

Voluntary field trips

Throughout the school year West Hills College Coalinga may sponsor voluntary field trips and excursions in which students may want to participate. Be advised as stated in the California Code of Regulations, Sub-Chapter 5, Section 55450, if you participate in a voluntary field trip or excursion you are deemed to have held harmless the district, its officer, agents and employees from all liability or claims which may arise out of or in connection with your participation in this activity.


No permit is required for on campus parking. You must park in a marked space. Vehicles in a red zone or handicapped spot are subject to California law. Off campus parking — the college is next to a residential neighborhood, please remember that parking across driveways is a violation of California Vehicle Code 22500e and your car could be towed.


  • Smoke Free Campus — Board of Trustee adopted Administrative Procedure 3570** - Use of smoking and smokeless tobacco is prohibited in all district owned, occupied or leased buildings and prohibited within 20 feet of a main exit, entrance, or operable window of all district owned, occupied or leased buildings and in areas so designated. 

Student Lounge

Memorable and valuable college experiences expand beyond classroom instruction. To this end, the student lounge is designed as social and study space where students can spend their free time on campus. Located next to the bookstore the lounge features video game systems, tables, and comfy furniture.

Student Organizations

Clubs and organizations offer students the opportunity to participate in areas of specific interest. Check your email and campus bulletin boards for club events and information.

Falcon Athletics

West Hills College Coalinga is a participating member of men’s intercollegiate football, baseball, and basketball and women’s intercollegiate volleyball and softball. Athletics are open to all full-time students who meet eligibility criteria. West Hills College Coalinga is also home to the nationally ranked West Hills College Rodeo Team for men and women. See all we have to offer at


The program plays in the Central Valley Conference, one of the best conferences in the nation. The Falcon baseball program focuses on the development of the whole person:  academically, socially, and athletically. An extensive Academic Excellence, Progress, and Performance Program (AEP3) aids and prepares Falcon baseball players to thrive in the class­ room, while intensity, effort, discipline, and enthusiasm are guiding principles to achieve excellence and growth on the field and in the community


The basketball team also plays in the Central Valley Conference, one of the highest rated conferences in California and the team boasts one of the top graduation rates in the state. The WHCC Falcons are known for their fast action and exciting finishes.


The team focuses on player success through self-discipline on the field and in the classroom. The team recently joined the Northern California Football Association and already has a number of athletes recognized for performance as Golden Gate All Conference players.


The rodeo team has been, for over a quarter of a century, a top NIRA program regularly earning team and individual championships at the regional and national level. Alumni have gone on to the professional ranks of the PRCA and the PBR, qualifying for the finals while crediting West Hills for their successes.


Softball offers players a college experience where you will be appreciated and treated with respect. If transferring to a university program is your goal, WHCC is the smart choice. With helpful, supportive, and caring coaches and faculty dedicated to academic success, WHCC is a perfect fit for those looking to compete at the next level.


Volleyball provides the perfect blend of athletics and academics in a safe environment that is dedicated to the student athlete. The coaches bring a wealth of experience ranging from high school to Division I to national and international competition. In addition to the great volleyball experience, players will get a great education.

Wellness Center and Fitness Lab

The new Wellness Center houses a fitness center, athletic offices, and the athletic trainer treatment center. The fitness lab is available to students taking strength and conditioning classes and to those who purchase a fitness lab pass. Contact the athletic department at 559.934.2452 for more information.

Residence Halls

West Hills College Coalinga offers students campus living in its 119 bed Gordon Hall for men and the 50 bed Ivans Hall for women. Residence halls include high speed wireless internet and the opportunity to make friendships that will last a lifetime. Many international students and athletes choose to live on campus creating a diverse and inclusive campus community. Additional information is available on the college website or by calling 559.934.2373.

Campus Dining

West Hills College Coalinga Students and the community can enjoy a variety of nutritious and delicious meals in the WHCC Café. The well trained and friendly staff works diligently to prepare hearty and nutritious meals for students, staff and the community. West Hills College Coalinga Food Services also caters to campus and community events. Additional information can be found by contacting the Café at 559.934.2365 and at the website


**See Administrative Procedures and Board Policies at