Integrated Pest Management

PCAs are licensed professional production consultants who serve California agriculture producers. PCAs specialize in pest management, but they are also an important resource in a wide range of production concerns related to plant health.
A PCA is licensed by the State of California to engage in the following activities:
  • Provide pest management recommendations, which must be in writing.
  • Hold self as an authority on any agricultural use.
  • Solicit sales of products or services for agricultural use.

PCA specialties are diverse and may help maintain highway vegetation; solve weed congestion in public waterways; assist in pest-free greenhouses, golf courses, turf and landscape; or ensure the growth of healthy, abundant food, fiber and ornamentals from over 9.9 million acres of California farm and public lands. Licensed pest control advisers provide written recommendations that must address 13 specific areas, including worker safety, environmental impact and a detailed plan for the use of pest management materials. 

Coalinga Collegeprepares students for the California Department of Pesticide Regulations (CDPR) Agricultural Pest Control Adviser (PCA) exam. Forty-three units of coursework are offered to fulfill the Option 3 education requirement to take the PCA exam. Whether you are a first time student looking for a career or you are looking to change your career, these courses can help you towards a high paying, high growth job. Courses are college transferrable and align with California’s C-ID, which means they are transferrable to colleges throughout the state.

Successfully complete the coursework and 24 months of applicable work experience and you’ll be eligible to take the state test to become a licensed PCA, which is the path to a good job.

Students enrolled in the Coalinga College Integrated Pest Management Certificate program will study at the Coalinga CollegeFarm of the Future, which sits on 213 acres and provides students majoring in agriculture a real world physical lab setting.

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  • Pest Control Adviser
  • Certified Crop Consultants
  • Qualified Applicator
  • Agri-chemical Sales Representative

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