Developmentally Delayed

An individual who is developmentally delayed exhibits below average intellectual functioning and potential for measurable achievement in instructional and employment settings (Section 56040 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations.) This student must be provided access to the class/program that best meets his/her educational needs and promotes maximum independence and integration for the student.

Students are successful in mainstream classrooms that provide a learning environment that is self-paced and/or focuses on the student's areas of strengths. On occasion instructors may notice a student falling behind in class because it takes longer for him/her to learn and process new information. Instructors should contact the DSPS Office for referral or assistance in working with this student.

Accommodations which may support the developmentally delayed learner may include: additional time on exams, taking additional time during long lectures, proceeding slowly through intense amounts of information, use of tape recorders, help with finding a note-taker, and making arrangements with the student regarding in-class discussions.