Note Taker

A common concern for students is solving the problem of taking notes, especially students with poor motor functioning. The DSPS Office provides copying services so that class notes can be shared between the student and note-taker.

The note-taker is usually a student who is also enrolled in the class and is known to be a good student with satisfactory penmanship and regular attendance. 

The instructor is usually the most appropriate individual to assist the student with the selection of a note-taker, usually by asking for a volunteer in the class.

DSPS may provide aides to sit in class and take notes if there are special circumstances. The student bears the responsibility of speaking up promptly if the note-taker is unsatisfactory.  

In addition instructors may offer the students any printed notes or materials they may have which can assist them visually. Instructor creativity in meeting the student's needs can have very positive benefits!

Please contact the DSPS Office if you have any questions regarding the provision of a note-taker.