Test Proctoring Services

Students may be allowed extra time, as well as additional accommodations, to complete tests as independently as possible as determined by the student's Counselor.

If you have been found eligible to receive Test Proctoring Accommodations, it is the student's responsibility to schedule your own testing appointments.  

Please note:  All Test Proctoring Appointments will need to be scheduled no later than two (2) days prior to taking your test/exam.  Students will need to notify instructors no later than three (3) days prior to your scheduled testing appointment with DSPS.

Test Proctoring is available Monday-Thursday, with two (2) testing blocks available.  The first testing block begins at 8:30am-sharp and the second testing block begins at 1:30pm-sharp, as well.  Test Proctoring takes place in Room 273.

Common accommodations include:

  •   Additional time
  •   A distraction-free environment
  •   Using a scribe
  •   Using an alternative format
  •   Using a reader

The DSPS office operates the Test Proctoring Service with integrity and takes into account issues such as test security, effective delivery methods, confidentiality and providing the test as close as possible to the time it is administered to the class.  

Tests are stored in a secure file while at the DSPS office.  During a test administered by a proctor, the student must leave all bags, supplies or unauthorized materials with the proctor until testing is completed.  Any additional materials that the student will be permitted to use during the test (i.e. calculators, open notes, open books) must be approved by the instructor.