West Hills Community College District

Board of Trustees

President — Mark McKean (Area 5)

Vice President — Jeff Levinson (Area 7)

Clerk — Nina Oxborrow (Area 1)

Steve Cantu (Area 6)

Crystal Jackson (Area 4)

Salvador Raygoza (Area 2)

Martin Maldonado (Area 3)


Chancellor — Kristin Clark

Deputy Chancellor — Richard Storti

Vice Chancellor of Education and Technology — Kelly Cooper

West Hills College Coalinga


Interim President — Sam Aunai

Vice President of Student Services — Angela Tos

Vice President of Educational Services – Sam Aunai

 Dean of Educational Services — Justin Garcia

Dean of Student Services — Javier Cazares

Associate Dean of Athletics — Joe Hash

North District Center

Dean — Bethany Azevedo-Matos

Academic Senate

President — Matt Magnuson

Vice President — Brandy Wilds

Secretary — Vacant

Arts/Letters — Brandy Wilds

Career &Technical Education — Tim Ellsworth

Allied Health — Hector Dam-Mikkelsen

Science/Technology/Engineering/Math — Ken Henry

Kinesiology/Social Science — Kevin Wilds

Student Services Faculty — Erin Corea