Administration and Faculty

College Administration

  • Sam AunaiPresident (Interim)
  • Angela TosVice President of Student Services
  • Sam AunaiVice President of Educational Services
  • Justin GarciaDean of Educational Services
  • Javier CazaresDean of Student Services
  • Bethany Azevedo-MatosDean of North District Center, Firebaugh
  • Joe HashAssociate Dean of Athletics
  • Terry BraseDirector Farm of the Future
  • Octavio CruzDirector of Financial Aid
  • Rosalind ToliverDirector of Admissions & Records/Registrar
  • Shaun BaileyDirector Maintenance and Operations & Auxiliary Services
  • April BettersonDirector of Title IV Projects
  • Zack SotoDirector of MESA
  • Justin BernaDirector of Sports Operations - Head Foodball Coach (Classified Mgr)
  • VacantDirector of Dual Enrollment
  • VacantDirector Residential Living and Student Activities (Classified Mgr)
  • VacantDirector International Students Program
  • Jay DarnellFood Services Manager (Classified Mgr)
  • Andrea PulidoCurriculum Systems Manager (Classified Mgr)
  • Richard AguilarCoordinator of Special Grants - Dual Enrollment (Classified Mgr)
  • Pedro GarciaCoordinator of Student Support Programs and Engagement (Interim) (Classified Mgr)
  • Marisol HernandezCoordinator of Special Grants Workforce (Classified Mgr)
  • Cory MinterAthletic Trainer (Classified Mgr)

Full-Time Faculty

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Faculty Name Faculty Department
Andrews, Nicholas
  • B.A., M.A., California State University, Fresno
English Instructor 2015
Arce, Mark
  • B.A., California State University, Fresno
  • M.S., University of Maryland
P.E./Health Instructor 2001
Barragan, Sherry
  • A.S., College of Sequoias
  • B.S.N., American Sentinel University
Psychiatric Technician 2017
Blaco, Rodney
  • B.S., California Polytechnic State University
  • M.A., J.D., Franklin Pierce Law Center
Administration of Justice 2019
Bonds, Jill
  • B.A., San Diego State University
  • M.Ed., University of San Diego
  • Ed.D., Pepperdine University,
English Instructor 2017
Ceballos, Maria
  • B.A., M.S., California State University, Fresno
Counselor 2015
Chaney, Christopher
  • A.S., C., L.C., West Hills Community College District
  • B.S., Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo
Agriculture Industrial Technologies Instructor 2015
Corea, Erin
  • A.S., West Hills Community College District
  • B.A., M.S., California State University Fresno
Counselor 2005
Dam-Mikkelsen, Hector
  • A.S.N., A.A., Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo
Psychiatric Technician Instructor 2001
El Naggar, Atif
  • BSc., MSc., Zagazig University, Egypt
  • PhD. Ain shams University, Cairo w/Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
  • Fulbright- Post Doctor, Brigham Young University, Provo UT
Biology Instructor 2015
Ellsworth, Timothy
  • B.S., Brigham Young University
  • M.S., University of Minnesota
  • Ph.D., University of California Riverside
Agriculture/Geology Instructor 2013
Grant, James
  • B.A., M.A., Pacific University
Communication Instructor 1990
Gritton, Mark
  • B.A., M.A., Humboldt State University
Health/Nutrition Instructor 1996
Haggard, Trista
  • M.A., California State University, Fresno
Counselor 2019
Hanjiev, Arkady
  • B.A. California State University, Fresno
  • M.A., Fresno Pacific University
Math Instructor 2005
Henry, Kenneth
  • PhD, Case Western Reserve University
  • BS, UC Santa Barbara
Biology/Chemistry Instructor 2018
Hochman-Adler, Valeria
  • M.A., PhD, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
  • B.A. National University of La Pampa, Argentina
Agriculture/Biology Instructor 2021
Holsonbake, Melissa
  • B.A., MA, California State University, Fresno
Art Instructor 2006
Jorgens, Anna
  • M.A., Point Loma Nazarene
DSPS Instructor 2011
Little, Anna-Lisa
  • A.A., Bakersfield College
  • B.A., M.A., California State University, Bakersfield
Child Development Instructor 1997
Magnuson, Matthew
  • B.A., Connecticut College
  • M.L.I.S., University of Southern Mississippi
  • M.A., University Massachusetts Boston
 Librarian 2006
Mann, Lynnette
  • B.S., University of California, Riverside
  • M.Sc., University of Washington
Math Instructor 2015
Matteson, Mark
  • A.A., College of the Sequoias
  • B.A., M.S., California State University, Fresno
Counselor 2014
Mayer, Rhonda
  • A.S., College of the Sequoias
  • B.S.N, University of Phoenix
Psychiatric Technician Instructor 2006
Mosher, Staci
  • A.A., College of Sequoias
  • B.A., United States International University
  • M.A., National University
Head Softball Coach, Psychology Instructor 1997
Paredes, Larry
  • B.A., M.A., Fresno Pacific University
Industrial Science 2019
Pratt, Eugenie
  • M.A., California State University, Fresno
Child Development Instructor 2001
Rodriguez, Rodolfo
  • B.A., California State University, Sacramento
  • M.A., University of California, Merced
Sociology 2019
Selim, Alex
  • B.S., Mercy College
  • M.A., Manhattanville College
Math Instructor 2018
Shepard, Sarah
  • A.A., San Joaquin Delta College
  • B.S., M.B.A., California State University, Fresno
Business Instructor 2001
Skaggs, Robert
  • B.A., M.A., California State University, Fresno
English Instructor 2005
Smith, Jason
  • B.S, Chapman University
  • M.A., Azusa Pacific University
  • M.Ed., National University
Head Baseball Coach, Kinesiology Instructor 2018
Sowden, Kenneth
  • B.A., M.A., California State University, Fresno
Math Instructor 2001
Walker, Valerie
  • B.S., M.A., California State University, Fresno
EOPS Counselor 2015
Wanderer, Jeffrey
  • B.S., M.A., California State University, San Jose
Head Volleyball Coach, Biology Instructor 1998
Wilds, Brandy
  • B.A., M.A., California State University, Fresno
English Instructor 2005
Wilds, Kevin
  • B.A., M.A., California State University, Fresno
Political Science Instructor 2005
Wilson, Scott
  • B.A., M.A., California State University, Fresno
Math Instructor 2000