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Linguistics - LING
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(NDA) Non-Degree Applicable

  • LING-011
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Credit(s) 3

Introduction to Linguistics
LING 011 serves as a foundation for understanding language from an anthropological perspective, addressing such core questions as how, what, when, where, why with whom we communicate. This course surveys three core areas in linguistic anthropology: (1) structural linguistics (phonetics, phonology, morpholgy, and syntax, as well as the bicultural basis of language), (2) historical linguistics (origins, evolution, dialects, and language families), and (3) sociocultural linguistics (language acquisition in cultural context, relationship between language and culture, and issues of language conservation and loss). This course meets the content specifications in reading, language, literature, and linguistics in undergraduate teacher preparation to prepare students to think critically about the world.

Class Hours:
54 Lecture
ENG 051A
Transfers to:
ANTH 130