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Physical Science - PHYSCI
Course Classification

Courses numbered 1-49 — are baccalaureate level (transfer) courses. Courses thus numbered are transferable to four- year institutions. Agriculture courses are designed to parallel the work taught in similar courses at California Polytechnic State University or at California State University, Fresno but may not carry the same number.

Courses numbered 50-99 — are associate degree level courses. Courses thus numbered are primarily for the student who does not plan to continue his/her education beyond the community college level; however, occupational education courses may transfer according to articulation agreements. Complete information on articulation is available through the Counseling Center.

Courses Numbered 100-201 — are non-transfer and are non-degree applicable; they are skill building or remedial.

Abbreviations for Degree, Non-Degree, and Transfer Courses

The following abbreviations designate degree applicable, transfer, and non-degree applicable courses:
(AA) Associate Degree
(CSU) Transferable to California State University System
(UC) Transferable to University of California System
(NDA) Non-Degree Applicable

  • PHYSCI-001
  • Survey of Physical Sciences
  • Credit(s) 4

Survey of the Physical Sciences
PHYSCI 001 is a general study of physical principles that operate throughout the universe, including a brief integrated study of force, motion energy, electricity, light, structure of the atom, interaction of matter, and study of the earth, planets, and stars. No credit will be allowed for physical science if the student is concurrently enrolled in, or has taken, a college chemistry, physics, geology or astronomy course.

Class Hours:
54 Lecture | 54 Laboratory
Transfers to:
  • PHYSCI-002
  • Chemistry & Physics for Educat
  • Credit(s) 4

Chemistry and Physics for Educators
PHYSCI 002 is designed to prepare students to teach chemistry and physics at the K - 12 grade levels with emphasis on meeting California Public School Standards. This course is part of the natural science series for students planning to transfer to a four-year liberal studies program. Topics include physical and chemical properties of matter, motion, energy, electricity, light, atomic structure and bonding, and chemical reactions.

Class Hours:
54 Lecture | 54 Laboratory
MATH 064 or MATH 063
Transfers to: