History AA-T Degree

The Associate of Arts for Transfer (AA-T) Degree in History is designed to provide students a seamless transfer to a California State University History major and the eventual completion of a baccalaureate degree in History. The AA-T in History will grant guaranteed admission to a CSU, with junior standing, and the ability to complete remaining requirements within 60 semester or 90 quarter units.

Historians analyze the events and processes of the past, both to gain more understanding of the human experience across place and time, and to explain the distinctive dynamics of particular societies, usually in regional and chronological contexts. Historical inquiry is an important part of any liberal arts program and of the development of critical thinking skills. Most careers in history require education beyond the associate degree and some require a graduate degree. The study of history can serve as preparation for graduate study in education, law, business, government, and journalism.

Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to:

  • Students will identify and explain assimilations of cultural significance into historical civilizations.
  • Students will identify and explain how cultures influenced world societies.
  • Students will demonstrate thinking skills by analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating historical information from multiple sources by creating a short answer essay.
  • Students will produce well researched written work that engages primary sources on historical events.

In order to complete the AA-T in History, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete 60-semester units or 90 quarter units of degree-applicable courses
  • Earn a minimum grade point average of 2.0
  • Earn a minimum grade of "C" for each course in the major
  • Complete the CSU General Education Breadth or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum

Program Requirements

Course # Title Units
Required Core Courses (12 units)
HIST 017A History of the United States 1492-1877 3
HIST 017B History of the United States 1865-PRESENT 3
HIST 020 World History I 3
HIST 021 World History II 3
Complete 3 Units from the courses below:
HIST 004A Western Civilization to 1700 3
HIST 004B Western Civilization From 1700 3
HIST 032 Cultural History of the Chicano 3
HIST 044 Women's Roles in United States History 3
Complete 3 Units from the courses below:
GEOG 002 World Regional Geography 3
GEOG 003 Cultural Geography 3
HUM 001 Introduction to Western Culture 3
HUM 022 Introduction to Comparative Religion 3
POLSCI 001 American Government 3
PSYCH 001 Introductory Psychology 3
SOC 001 Introduction to Sociology 3
SW 020 Introduction to Social Work and Human Services 3
Total 18
Units to be double-counted as General Education 12-15
CSU GE Breadth or IGETC Units 39
Elective (CSU Transferable) Units 15-18
Total 60