Transfer Studies - CSU GE Breadth

Transfer Studies - CSU GE Breadth, Certificate of Achievement

The Certificate of Achievement in Transfer Studies - CSU General Education-Breadth provides students with the option of fulfilling all lower-division general education requirements before transferring to the California State University (CSU) system. In addition to completing the courses for the Certificate of Achievement, the student is responsible for completing major preparation and/or elective credits to complete the 60 units required for admission for all CSU campuses. For many majors, students are encouraged to complete the CSU-GE pattern before transfer; however, it is not required for admission to the CSU.

Although the certificate recognizes the completion of lower-division CSUGE-Breadth requirements, it does not guarantee admission to a specific campus within the CSU system, nor does it guarantee admission to a specific major. Some majors and colleges may require a different lower division preparation and/or a higher GPA than is necessary for this certificate. Students can use to review major preparation courses and are advised to see a counselor for educational planning for successful admission to the university of their choice.

A single course, even though listed in more than one area, can only be used to satisfy one General Education requirement. A grade of “C” or better is required in all courses.

Upon completion of the Certificate of Achievement in Transfer Studies – CSU General Education-Breadth, the student will be able to:

  • Students will distinguish fact from judgment, knowledge from belief, truth from falsehood; use elementary inductive and deductive processes; and recognize common logical errors or fallacies of language and thought.
  • Students will comprehend physical and biological concepts, their limitations, and the power of scientific inquiry.
  • Students will analyze works of philosophical, historical, literary, aesthetic and cultural importance.
  • Students will analyze works of philosophical, historical, literary, aesthetic and cultural importance.
  • Students will examine social and behavioral perspectives in their contemporary, historical, and geographical settings.
  • Students will achieve understanding and lifelong appreciation of themselves as integrated physiological, social, and psychological beings.
  • Students will describe how struggle, resistance, social justice, solidarity, and liberation as experienced by communities of color are relevant to current issues.
Course # Title Units
CSU-General Education-Breadth
Area A1 Oral Communication 3
Area A2 Written Communication 3-5
Area A3 Critical Thinking 3
Area B1 Physical Science 3-5
Area B2 Life Science 3-4
Area B3 Laboratory Activity 0-1
Area B4 Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning 3-6
Area C1 Arts 3
Area C2 Humanities 3-4
Area C1/C2 Arts & Humanities 3-4
Area D Social Sciences 6
Area E Lifelong Understanding & Self-Development 3
Area F Ethnic Studies 3
Total 39-48