Truck Driving

Truck Driving - Certificate of Achievement

The Truck Driving program is a Certificate of Achievement program designed to prepare students for a career as a professional driver. Using modern equipment, the certificate offers instruction and training in forklifts, straight trucks, tractor trailer combinations, including doubles and loaded trucks. Students log approximately 2,000 to 2,500 miles behind the wheel prior to graduation.

Upon completion of the truck driving program, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate safe operation of commercial vehicles as evidence by driving techniques, explanation of state laws and load securement and coupling.
  • Prepare related documentation required of a truck driver including trip planning, weight requirements, electronic logs, and communications related to job.
  • Perform a State required pre-trip inspection
  • Demonstrate driving skills in shifting, backing, and proper road skills in a variety of vehicles and situations.
Course # Title Units
Required Core Courses
DT 050 State Laws and Federal Regulations 3
DT 052 Safe Operation Fundamentals 2
DT 053 Fork Lift Operations 1
DT 055 Trip Planning and Budgeting 3
DT 057 Job Prep Skills 1
DT 058 Operations of Commercial Vehicles I 3
DT 059 Operations of Commercial Vehicles II 3
Pick 1 of the following courses:
HVYEQUI 060A Level I Heavy Equipment Operation 5
CRPSCI 045 California Pest Control Laws and Regulations 2
CRPSCI 046 Integrated Pest Management 3
IMT 060 Industrial Core 3
WT 070 Introduction to Certified Welding 2.5
WT 071 Beginning SMAW 3
WT 072 Advanced SMAW 3
WT 074 GMAW and FCAW:Plate 3
WT 075 SMAW Pipe Welding 2
Total 18-21

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Occupational/Career Outlook

The median salary for Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers is $43,680 (nationally) and $45,790 (California). A commercial driver’s license is generally required for Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers. Additional career and employment information may be obtained through: