Course Descriptions

Industrial Mechanics Tech - IMT
Course Classification

Courses numbered 1-49 — are baccalaureate level (transfer) courses. Courses thus numbered are transferable to four- year institutions. Agriculture courses are designed to parallel the work taught in similar courses at California Polytechnic State University or at California State University, Fresno but may not carry the same number.

Courses numbered 50-99 — are associate degree level courses. Courses thus numbered are primarily for the student who does not plan to continue his/her education beyond the community college level; however, occupational education courses may transfer according to articulation agreements. Complete information on articulation is available through the Counseling Center.

Courses Numbered 100-201 — are non-transfer and are non-degree applicable; they are skill building or remedial.

Abbreviations for Degree, Non-Degree, and Transfer Courses

The following abbreviations designate degree applicable, transfer, and non-degree applicable courses:
(AA) Associate Degree
(CSU) Transferable to California State University System
(UC) Transferable to University of California System
(NDA) Non-Degree Applicable

  • IMT-060
  • Industrial Core
  • Credit(s) 3

Industrial Core
IMT 060 provides students with the basic professional skills needed in the industrial, welding or agricultural industries. The skills covered include basic safety, construction mathematics, hand and power tools, construction drawings, rigging, materials handling and employability skills.

Class Hours:
36 Lecture | 54 Laboratory
  • IMT-061
  • Industrial Maint. Mech Level I
  • Credit(s) 3

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Level I
IMT 061 provides introductory training for the Industrial Maintenance Mechanic credentials. Topics include orientation to the trade, tools, fasteners and anchors, oxyfuel cutting, gaskets and packing, trade mathematics, construction drawings, pumps and drivers, valves, test instruments, material handling, mobile and support equipment, and lubrication.

Class Hours:
18 Lecture | 108 Laboratory
  • IMT-062
  • Industrial Maint. Mech Lev II
  • Credit(s) 4

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Level II
IMT 062 provides students with intermediate skills needed to be an industrial maintenance mechanic. Topics include jobsite layout; components of piping systems; copper and plastic pipe; ferrous metal pipe; identification, installation and maintenance of valves; hydrostatic and pneumatic testing; bearings; low-pressure and high-pressure steam systems; distillation towers and vessels; heaters, furnaces, and heat exchangers; cooling tower; fin fans and tube work.

Class Hours:
18 Lecture | 162 Laboratory
  • IMT-070
  • Industrial Maint. Mech Lev III
  • Credit(s) 4

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Level III
IMT 070 provides students with advanced skills needed to be an industrial maintenance mechanic. Topics include advanced trade math, precision measuring tools, installing bearings and couplings, setting baseplates and prealignment, conventional alignment, installing belt and chain drives and mechanical seals.

Class Hours:
18 Lecture | 162 Laboratory